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O2frepak 40 Gram Reusable Indicating Orange Silica Gel Desiccant Canister Aluminum Dehumidifier 2PCS

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Products Description

Material: 2-4mm high quality orange silica gel

Specifications: net weight 40g, gross weight 55g, one aluminum foil bag in a box, 250 boxes each

Product size: 55mm*105mm*12mm

Packing material: high-grade aluminum box, heat sealing film

Test Report: SGS, RoHS, MSDS

Application: safe, camera, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, electronics, electrical appliances, etc

Hygroscopic effect can be indicated: orange silica gel hygroscopic gradually turned green!Reusable, safe and practical!

Package features: aluminum box, solid, durable, direct heating, beautiful and generous.

Product features: round edges and corners, the product itself has a good protection;Compact, convenient to carry, place, do not occupy space;The buckle cover design is more solid to prevent the internal particles from scattering out;Aluminum box packaging is more wear-resistant, can be reused for many times.

Color changing process: The material inside is color changing silica gel absorbent particles, orange before use, dark green after water absorption.The product hygroscopic orange silica gel particles turn dark green particles, open the lid and put the bottom cover with desiccant directly into the microwave oven for heating, so that it can continue to use orange.

Application: Used in all kinds of SLR camera, digital card machine and photographic equipment;Mobile phones, MP4 and other digital electronic products;Preservation of laboratory precision instruments and various lenses;Piano, violin and other Musical Instruments;Moisture-proof dryness of hearing AIDS.

Usage: tear off the outer packing film, and place the drying box directly in the place that needs to be protected from moisture!

Use steps

Silica gel desiccant can be reused, the steps as follows:
1. After the silica gel desiccant turns green, open the box and pour it into the microwavable container prepared in advance (open the box and pour the desiccant, please note that the desiccant falls out to clean up very troublesome!);
2. Put the container in the microwave oven, set the temperature of 100℃ and heat it for about 10 minutes (if the beads do not jump out of the vibration, please cover the container with a vent);
3. After heating, pour the silica gel into a dry container and seal it for cooling;
4. After cooling, the silica gel is put into the box again and the lid is closed. (The dried silica gel may produce dust, please gently shake the box out of dust before use).


1. Do not eat this product. Keep away from children.
2. If package damage when received, discontinue use and contact us.
3. Please do not tear the environmental protection bag before use to avoid moisture
4. Storage life: 5 years (unopened)